Traveling to Belize After COVID-19

To reopen Belize safely the Belize Tourism Board and Ministry of Health put together a Gold Standard program with expanded health and safety measures to ensure the safety of travelers as well as the Belizean people. All Tour Operators and accommodations who wished to host international travelers were required to be certified by the Gold Standard program. While the Gold Standard certificate is no longer required, Tres Cocos Resort still maintains the relevant higher standards of health and cleanliness. 

Things to Know (Important)

  • Private businesses are allowed to require proof of vaccination at their discretion, but very few do.
  • It is recommended but not required to wear a face mask when in enclosed spaces or businesses. Private businesses are allowed to require masks to be worn at their discretion. Some government buildings do require a mask to be worn for entry, but very few do otherwise.
  • It is recommended to practice proper hand hygiene by washing hands regularly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Visitors are allowed to travel freely around Belize.
  • For up to date information the destination’s travel protocols and frequently asked questions, please visit: