In-Room Spa Treatments

Relax and restore

Tres Cocos Resort works exclusively with therapists from the 5-star rated Tephany Massage Studio. Tephany’s experienced therapists will treat you in the comfort of your condo. Highly personalized attention and the soothing sounds of the ocean will provide the ultimate spa experience.

Treatment Options

Our most popular classic massage uses light to medium pressure to release tension, improve circulation, and soothe aching muscles.


A treatment that involves intensive stretching and deep-tissue targeting. The ideal remedy for stiff, tight, and fatigued muscles and joints.


Designed to release chronic muscle tension. This massage uses stronger pressure to target specific areas of your body.


Treatment of choice for someone looking for pure relaxation. This treatment combines the power of touch with blends of aromatic essential oils.


Rejuvenate together, side-by-side. Each participant can choose a preferred treatment of either relaxation, therapeutic, or deep tissue.


This synchronized head to toe massage carried out by two therapists creates an experience like no other.


A gentle massage with a special cucumber cream sunburn mask that reduces redness and pain. Perfect to rejuvenate your skin after a whole day in the sun.


This massage with anti-bacterial nourishing facial treatment with nutmeg, cinnamon, and honey is perfect for rejuvenating dry skin.


Relieve the tension in your shoulder, neck, and lower-body with this focused massage. Perfect for a quick refresher.


Remove oil and dirt buildup on your skin with this polishing procedure. This treatment will result in a hydrated and healthier looking skin.


Exfoliating your body with our amazing sugar scrub. This treatment leaves your skin refreshed and silky smooth.


Exfoliating treatment for silky smooth feet. Our amazing sugar scrub rejuvenates and renews your skin.


Revive your feet with this pressure-point treatment. This massage promotes balance, relieves tension, and improves circulation.


All prices are in US Dollars. A 4% service fee will be added for credit card payments.